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Follow Better Traders and Trade on Multiple Exchange Currently Supporting Binance, BitMEX and Bittrex using APIs Non Custodian Trading Platform

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PrimeTrade is AI powered tools and services which caters all category of crypto traders right from the experts to next 100 million new users. PrimeTrade offers a new platform to perform cryptocurrency exchange as it addresses the problems faced by existing exchange where many accounts have been maintained in multiple records.


Our mission is to empower crypto traders with an AI powered trading infrastructure, which make trading easy and maximise their profits. From efficient portfolio management to making customizable tools to test trading strategies PrimeTrade AI (TAI) provides you with everything that helps you get most of your crypto trading

Why use PrimeTrade?


Trade and Track on multiple exchanges which are API enabled or Dex right from your mobile or desktop. Currently Enabled on Binance, Bitmex and Bittrex.


Follow trades of better traders and build income passively.


Two buttons to convert your whole portfolio into BTC or USD with a single click to help you time your market entry and exit.


Profit Proven and Time Tested AI trade bot. Protects users money by automatically capping your losses [Alpha]


Trading Terminal to help trade on any decentralized or centralized exchanges without sharing private keys or API keys to any third party. [Alpha]


An news aggregator which sources news from multiple sources and tags if the news is credible or a rumor by manual or automated verification.


Consolidate your trades from all the exchanges and download them for analyses or reporting. [Alpha]


A unique wallet and Dex where any type of Tokens issued on any type of Blockchain can be stored or traded in a decentralized manner. [WIP]

At a Glance

PrimeTrade AI Token(TAI):

The PrimeTrade Token will be an Ethereum blockchain based ERC 20 token initially. All paid features available on the PrimeTrade AI Platform will be accessible exclusively using TAI. Once TAI BlockChain launches we will swipe tokens to our Own Blockchain TAI Tokens.


Will use Sidechain and offchain for faster transaction


Built to be highly scalable to target Capital and Forex industries

Multiple Currencies

Can handle multiple tokens and currencies

User Friendly

Made in a simplified format for better adaptation

Shared Control

Decentralized system to avoid issues coming from single point of failure or control


The trust we place is in Maths and Trustless oracles


Whitepaper will be released soon. Stay tuned!



Additional features

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The team behind the PrimeTrade. Our success is nothing without them!

Sainath Gupta

CEO & Founder
Successful Serial Entrepreneur, FinTech, Mined India's First Bitcoins in 2010, Blockchain and Crypto Influencer

Dr. Aviral Sharma

Chief Data Scientist
PhD, Artificial Intelligence in Stocks Author: Several Research Papers Ex Co-Founder and CEO, DryNutties

Anush Swaminathan

System Architect
Work Experience of leading several projects under the belt EX CTO, DryNutties

Kunal Sharma


Ankush Kochar

Software Engineer

Nandanpu Saila Bhanu

Marketing Associate

Bhavya Rayudu


Saigangadevi Katikaala



Abhishek Syal

MIT Founder, President ARISE Impact ( NGO)

Ramani Ramachandran

MIT Co-Founder and CEO at Co-Founder and CEO at

Pramod Mahadik

Well known Blockchain Influencer and Angel investor

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