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Artificial Intelligence(AI) Is Revolutionizing The Banking Sector

Artificial Intelligence(AI) Is Revolutionizing The Banking Sector   Artificial intelligence also called machine intelligence, is any technology that makes a system replicate human-like intelligence is known as AI. In artificial intelligence, a machine mimics the cognitive functions of a human … Read More

2018 A Run of Bullish Days For ICO's

2018: A Run Of Bullish Days For ICO's

Twenty Eighteen: A Run of Bullish Days For ICO’s Twenty eighteen is a great year for ICO’s as it showing positive statistics. The ICO market is running bullish with prices skyrocketing. There are lots of new projects entering the ICO … Read More

The Best Six Crypto Trading Strategies Revealed

The Best Six Crypto Trading Strategies Revealed

Cryptocurrency also called digital currency, virtual currency or alternate currency is emerging as the future of money. The crypto world provides an enormous return on investment for traders to flourish and prosper. Due to the decentralized control and the blockchain … Read More

Thailand SEC: Showing Positive Approach To Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Regulations

The term “cryptocurrency” has become the buzzword and cryptocurrency trading is rocking the world. Due to its decentralized system & security, the private and government sectors are showing interest in the blockchain technology. Countries around the world have started accepting … Read More

Best ICO In Q3 2018

10 Best ICO In Q3 Twenty Eighteen

ICO is emerging as the biggest trend in the cryptocurrency realm. Initial coin offering(ICO) is often used to raise funds for new cryptocurrencies. Some units of a cryptocurrency or crypto-token are issued to the investors in exchange for Bitcoin and … Read More

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Top 3 Killer Marijuana Coins

1) POT   Technical Specification for POT Coin Consensus Building by– PoW (Proof of Work) Algorithm- Scrypt- Now POSv Price (As of Feb 2018) – 15 Cents Utility- Transaction for Cannabis Trade POT Coin Total Market Cap- $ 33 Million (As of Feb 10, … Read More

Sectors That Use Blockchain Technology In 2018

The blockchain is changing the world and business at a rapid pace. In the year 2018, blockchain technology is widely adopted by many business sectors. Due to its encryption and decentralized ledger technology, blockchain is becoming more popular. As there … Read More


Many people are starting blogs of their own because of the money being thrown around in the digital currency marketing. Such blogs are being started for many different reasons such as to simply talk about what is happening in the … Read More

Real World Blockchain Use Cases

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A Beginner’s Guide to Litecoin- The Silver To Bitcoin’s Gold

Blockchain, in simple terms means a database technology, or a distributed ledger that maintains an ever growing list of data records which are decentralised and impossible to tamper with. The data records, which may be a bitcoin transaction, smart contracts … Read More