Shortlisted Teams at Consensys Hackathon Delhi

Consensys held the India’s biggest Ethereum Hackathon between July 13-15 at IIT Delhi. Many teams across India have participated to claim the Gold. Below are the short listed teams.



Blotics is a micro lending platform that runs on hardware machines. It allows the user to withdraw cash in conjunction with depositing. The user can scan their Aadhar for authentication purpose with the help of well-versed user interface and voice support. Blotics is a platform which uses ERC20 token standard and Ethereum network(Raiden). As mentioned earlier, the authentication process of the users is completed by Aadhar. Lenders lend INR(in pegged tokens) as well as levy interest rate. Blotics have rich analytics service that has been built on top of blockchain data.


Techila 4.0

Techila 4.0 is a SMART SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM, where the interaction is done with a smart contract whenever the biometric details are matched.Some of the applications are AUTOMATIC ATTENDANCE, HOME SECURITY SYSTEM, AUTOMATIC LECTURE and FEEDBACK GENERATOR.


FirstName “Not Giving Away ETH” LastName

It is a platform that identifies potential fake users. It gives away the addresses using various sources namely AI,spamDB and other sources.



LIFE is an application that matches the organ donor and receiver. Organ transplantation is an extremely lengthy process as it requires matches. Though organ transplantation is influenced by money and corruption, here it is done by communicating via blockchain.



Codappa is an application that verifies the credentials for the job. The resumes are verified using uport identity and attestations. Codappa also extends its support by mapping the resumes with the appropriate requirement with the help of running algorithms and rank the resumes with respect to the job profile.


Evolving Judicial System

Evolving Judicial System is an application is used to tamper the proof evidence for judicial systems.


Ethical Hackers

Ethical hackers is an app that solves the problem of social media that provide an attention sink without estimating the value. Ethical hackers provide attention based on the utility/value.


Terrible Story Tellers

Titles Transfer/ Land Registry on blockchain is implemented by terrible story tellers. It allows recording the ownership of the property that eliminates potential failures and attacks on titles. It is the recommended app as it reduces the dependency on third parties as well as reduces the cost and number of fraud and errors.


Decent AI

Decent AI is an incubation system that helps the startups to collaborate with valuable resources namely investors and developers, to create or develop a new product or service. It also offers analytics and personalized services.



EthonomousPay is a dapp developed for an autonomous vehicle for digital identity and automated payments. It is designed for achieving the various solutions like vehicle registration and for payments respect to fuel/gas, parking and toll.


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