Top 10 Completed ICOs By ROI Up To Date

Here is the list of top 10 completed ICOs by their ROI till date



NEO commonly referred to “Chinese equivalent to Ethereum” or “Ethereums killer”  is the first ever blockchain platform and open-source cryptocurrency. NEO which was launched in China is a non- profit community-based project under blockchain.Digitization of assets and Management of digital assets are done using smart contracts and blockchain technology to realize a “smart    economy” with a distributed network.The token sale ended on sep 7 th,2017.


Rating: 3.9

Token type: NEO

ICO token price: 0.03 USD

Current Price: 31.60 USD

ROI : 98,650.00%

Market Cap : $2,170,109,500

Volume(24h) : $97,300,100



GATCOIN is a platform that offers a solution for enterprises to transform discount coupons, points and shopping vouchers into liquid, tradable digital tokens on high speed. An expedient app allows to store tokens from multiple merchants, shopping and also has the features of GAT exchange where the user can trade unwanted tokens.The token sale ended on jan 5 th,2018.  


Rating: 3.4

Token type: GAT

ICO token price: 00.20 USD

Current Price: 11.88 USD

ROI : 5,842.25%



Bitquence is a secured cryptocurrency wallet provider that offers diversification and liquidity layer at ease. cryptocurrencies are easier to purchase with bitquence that allows an average individual to participate.They deliver the power in hands of everybody by stimulating adoption of the blockchain technology and democratizing ownership.The token sale ended on Jul 16th, 2017


Rating: 2.3

Token type: BQX

ICO token price: 0.03 USD

Current Price: 1.91 USD

ROI : 5,549.54%



Augur on blockchain technology is a decentralized prediction market platform that allows the users to buy and sell shares.  Augur is built on a decentralized blockchain network namely Ethereum to gain a large audience. Augur helps in elimination of counterparty risk and centralized servers while creating a global market.The token sale ended on Oct 1st, 2015.


Rating: 3.8

Token type: REP

ICO token price: 0.60 USD

Current Price: 30.27 USD

ROI : 4,944.83%

Market Cap : $350,793,300

Volume(24h) : $23,139,400




OmiseGO is a public Ethereum-based financial technology that allows a decentralized exchange of other blockchains and multiple blockchains directly without a trusted gateway token.The token sale ended on Jul 23rd, 2017.


Rating: 3.5

Token type: OMG

ICO token price: 0.23 USD

Current Price: 6.65 USD

ROI : 2,813.06%

Market Cap : $978,043,358

Volume(24h) : $35,368,300



Golem is an open-sourced, decentralized supercomputer that enables anyone to access. Money renting or developing and selling the software can be done by anyone using Golem Network.The token sale ended on Nov 13th, 2016.

Rating: 2.9

Token type: GNT

ICO token price: 0.01 USD

Current Price: 0.28 USD

ROI : 2,679.76%

Market Cap : $289,601,874

Volume(24h) : $5,430,350



Quantum is an open source decentralized project that aims to easy deploy of decentralised blockchain technology for enterprises. Quantum that has been built on Bitcoin’s UTXO transaction model uses the Proof-of-Stake algorithm.The token sale ended on Mar 17th, 2017.


Rating: 3.6

Token type: QTUM

ICO token price: 0.30 USD

Current Price: 7.64 USD

ROI : 2,445.08%

Market Cap : $707,077,349

Volume(24h) : $192,051,000



Populous is a platform that has been built using blockchain technology offers solutions to businesses for constant growth and development. It opens the gate of opportunity to benefit from blockchain and big data processing technologies effectively.The token sale ended on Jul 24th, 2017.


Rating: 3.0

Token type: PPT

ICO token price: 0.25 USD

Current Price: 6.17 USD

ROI : 2,388.35%

Market Cap : $226,260,382

Volume(24h) : $5,492,370



Smartlands is a worldwide Platform for assets tokenization. It provides protection and constant growth in value by changing whole ICO landscape. Smartlands provides low-risk future-proof tokens.The token sale ended on Nov 20th, 2017.


Rating: 3.7

Token type: SLT

ICO token price: 0.50 USD

Current Price: 11.25 USD

ROI : 2,150.55%



Digix created DigixDAO helps to build a digital gold payment system on the blockchain and allows all the token holders to participate in building the gold payment system into reality. The software protocol issues DAO tokens as a software product rather than a company or an individual issuing shares.The token sale ended on Mar 30th, 2016.


Rating: 2.1

Token type: DGD

ICO token price: 4.20 USD

Current Price: 92.30 USD

ROI : 2,097.70%

Market Cap : $193,853,000

Volume(24h) : $453,360


This article is published on 24th July 2018.


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