10 Best ICO In Q3 Twenty Eighteen

Best ICO In Q3 2018

ICO is emerging as the biggest trend in the cryptocurrency realm. Initial coin offering(ICO) is often used to raise funds for new cryptocurrencies. Some units of a cryptocurrency or crypto-token are issued to the investors in exchange for Bitcoin and Ethereum. Investors buy these tokens and sell at a relatively higher price. The entire concept of ICO is backed by the blockchain technology. ICOs are decentralized with smart contracts which are transparent and secured. This ICO concept is trending and attracting new investors due to its rising popularity. Here are the ten best IOC’s in the quarter 3 of the year 2018.




Buglab is an Ethereum-based platform that provides digital enterprises with the global network of cybersecurity. The platform offers two programs namely Vigilante protocol and Buglab contest to help companies to fix their vulnerabilities on their digital assets. Buglab provides small and medium businesses across the globe with reliable solutions to protect their digital assets. Buglab’s platform enables expert security researchers with a sustainable vulnerability prevention system to help businesses worldwide.




OSA is a decentralized, AI-driven platform providing blockchain solutions to manufacturers, retailers, and consumers. OSA is built on the OSA Hybrid Platform, delivering its services to over 20 retailers and manufacturers. The platform has generated over $1 million USD revenue since its launch. Big brands including DANONE, MARS, L’OREAL, PEPSICO, EFES, and SunInBev used the OSA platform for inventory tracking, consumer trust, and for supply chain product waste. The platform has begun its ICO token sale from 21st July to 31st August 2018.




Jibbit connects the crypto world with the cannabis community. The focus is to make the cannabis community financially sound and strong. This revolution for the cannabis community is backed by the blockchain technology, to make the world a better place to live and give them power. Under the Jibbit ecosystem producers, consumers and suppliers find each other. Every transaction is accessible for everyone and is stored in encrypted form. The ICO token name is Jibbit Token with the Ticker JIB.




It is a blockchain platform providing banking facilities to the crypto community. MyCryptoBank bridges the gap between the crypto world and the banking needs. Traditional banks will close the account of companies accepting crypto money and ICO. This major pitfall of the crypto community can be fixed by the MyCryptoBank. Therefore everyone can transfer money in Fiat and cryptocurrency. A fiat money can be exchanged for a cryptocurrency and vice versa. MyCryptoBank also provides its users with ATM cards for shopping and payment. The platform is on its progress to install ATM machines too.




Phoneum is the first mobile-only cryptocurrency, where your smartphone device does the mining for you. Phoneum is a decentralized cryptocurrency platform, crafted to deliver a simplified user experience. The platform enables all users, regardless of being a pro or novice, to fully participate in the new cryptocurrency economy. Phoneum PHM will be an ERC20 compliant token on the Ethereum blockchain network. The ICO started on 30th July and ends on 30th September 2018.




Anything App is a mobile app designed to anything powered by the ERC20/ERC223 token. Here you can make money by helping others over the phone. With the app, you can find the list of persons who are ready to help you. You can also find people who are ready to buy your service. This app allows interactions with people via chat, call or a video call. AnythingApp is simply picking up the phone and helping someone with your profession or passion where you get paid for every minute of your time. It is the best human assistance network in South East Asia. The method of payment is AnyCoin.




CryptoAds is an advertising platform built on the blockchain technology. It is a decentralized marketing platform backed by the Ethereum blockchain. It is a cloud-based software system for B2C sectors, for internal use and will be further expanded to B2B markets. CryptoAds provides transparent and secure solutions for digital advertisers, brands, and internet users. This platform is said to emerge as the future of advertising platforms without the need for centralized ad exchanges.


Kayo Credits


Kayo Credits is the next generation of gamers monetization platform and decentralized ecosystem to reward gamers. The platform allows gamers to earn through their skills and monetize their in-game achievements. It also provides fraud solutions for gaming trades and SDK for seamless integration with any games. For token sale, Kayo Credits Token uses Ethereum erc20 token standard.




Unboxed is a blockchain based network of millions of people who get paid to post on social media- Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube. Here everyone is an influencer and everyone can earn money from social media. The platform is building an Oracle-based blockchain for user-driven marketing. The ICO token type is NBOX token and the token sale started on 01st August and ends on 30th September 2018.




IDMoney is the Cloud storage encrypted by the ideal cipher. IDM service protects the data and information for today and tomorrow. The platform is a public service with protection exceeding current government standards for secure storage of information. All the information are protected by the ideal cipher and cannot be deciphered.


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