A look at the top 5 ICO's to date by the amount of fundraised

A look at the top 5 ICO’s to date by the amount of fundraised

The Initial coin offering(ICOs) market has been exploding rapidly, with almost $7.8 billion funds raised during the quarter months 2018. It is imperative to know how much a project raised during its ICO. However, here are top five ICO’s to date that stood out and raised billions of dollars. Eosio(EOS) is leading the market by raising 4 billion dollars during its token sales. 


#1 EOS: $4,197,956,135 

EOS is the most powerful infrastructure for decentralized applications using a blockchain architecture that scales millions of transactions per second. The ICO started on 26th Jun 2017 and ended on 11th Jun 2017.


Token                  : EOS

Token type          : ERC20

ICO price            : 0.9900 USD

Fund raised        : $4,197,956,135

Accepts               : ETH

Current value    : $8.11 (-0.23%)


#2 Telegram open network(TON) : $1,700,000,000 

Telegram open network is the muti-blockchain architecture that can handle millions of transactions per second securely. TON blockchains have the hypercube routing, that can exchange data quickly using a smart routing system. The blockchain of TON is efficient and flexible with processing nodes, making the structure immensely flexible. The ICO started on 15th Oct 2017  and ended on 15 Feb 2018.


Ticker                 : Gram

Token type          : ERC20

ICO price            : 1Gram = 0.1000USD

Funds raised      : $1,700,000,000

Accepts               : ETH, BTC

Current value    : $1.66 (+4.18%)


#3 TaTaTu: $575, 000,000 

TaTaTu makes the third-largest coin offering, after EOS and Telegram. The TaTaTu is an entertainment blockchain platform that rewards users for providing and creating contents. The users can view premium videos for free and discover movies, music, videos, gaming, sports and more. The ICO started on 11th Jun 2018 and ended on 30th Jun 2018.


Token                : TTU

Token Type       : ERC20

Price in ICO      : 0.2500 USD

Funds raised     : $575, 000,000

Accepts              : ETH

Current value   : $0.51 (-2.05%)


#4 Dragon: $320,000,000 

Dragon coin is a decentralized currency for casinos and players. The platform uses Ethereum tokens to participate in the dragon blockchain ecosystem. The dragon blockchain provides secure transaction ledger with real transparency for the casinos and players. The ICO started on 15th Feb 2018 and ended on 15th Mar 2018.


Ticker                : DRG

Token type       : ERC20

ICO price          : 1DRG = 3.03 USD

Funds raised    : $320,000,000

Accepts             : ETH

Current value  : $0.271 (-15.45%)


#5 HDAC: $258,000,000 

HDAC platform is the robust blockchain network, merging the private blockchain and public blockchain for a faster transaction speed utilizing the services of the IoT devices. With IoT coverage, HDAC provides an efficient transaction system to facilitate M2M transaction environment daily. HDAC is backed by Hyundai BS&C. The ICO started on 27th Nov 2017 and ended on 22nd Dec 2017.


Token                : DAC

Token type       : Own wallet

ICO price          : 1DAC = 0.81USD

Funds raised    : $258,000,000

Accepts              : BTC

Current value   : $0.81


Data source: ICObench


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