Sectors That Use Blockchain Technology In 2018

The blockchain is changing the world and business at a rapid pace. In the year 2018, blockchain technology is widely adopted by many business sectors. Due to its encryption and decentralized ledger technology, blockchain is becoming more popular. As there are no intermediaries involved in the blockchain network, business across the globe find it to be reliable and credible.


Blockchain will address security breaches, contracts, identity and fraudulent activities. This new blockchain technology allows various industries to streamline their business and work securely. This article will outline the specific industries that use blockchain technology in twenty eighteen.

Blockchain technology in cybersecurity



Guardtime is a blockchain platform, specially designed for enterprise solutions with scale, security, and performance. Guardtime Federal supports the US Department of defense, the U.S. Intelligence Community, and other US government departments. The platform also provides the Defense and Aerospace partners the solutions for end to end data-centric security for sensor platforms.



Remme is the platform that uses blockchain technology to implement foolproof user authentication to protect a company’s data from cyber attacks. It prevents security breaches and keeps your data safe. No more passwords required thus eliminating the human factor from the authentication process.


Blockchain technology in healthcare



MedRec is a decentralized record management system to handle electronic health records of patients using the blockchain technology. This provides a transparent and accessible view of the medical history of each patient.

Simplyvital Health

Simplyvital Health is a health data management platform for both patients and providers. This blockchain technology creates a secure audit trail for care and algorithms forecasts costs in near-real time.


Blockchain technology in financial services



Ripple provides payment solutions using the blockchain technology. It connects banks, digital asset exchanges, payment providers, and corporates to send money securely.



Barclays is a British multinational investment bank that uses blockchain technology for financial services, wealth management services, personal banking services, and corporate banking services.


Blockchain technology in Manufacturing


De Beers

De Beers is a diamond mining, and manufacturing company that uses blockchain technology to track diamonds through the supply chain. The company tracked 100 high valued diamonds from miner to retailer using the blockchain.


LO3 Energy

LO3 Energy is the new frontier in energy manufacturing that uses blockchain and API. The platform is innovating new technologies on how energy is generated, stored, used and bought.


Blockchain technology in Government


Democracy Earth

Democracy Earth is a peer to peer democracy. It provides governance protocol which is sovereign and open source for any kind of organization.


Samsung SDS

Samsung SDS is building blockchain solutions for the South Korean government for transport applications. The platform provides software solutions for advanced analytics, mobile security, identity management, and retail experience.


Blockchain technology in Retail



OpenBazaar is an application to do online commerce using the blockchain technology. This platform eliminates the middleman, which means no fees & no restrictions.



Loyyal is a loyalty package platform which uses the blockchain technology for reward points. Loyal provides a dynamic and unique reward model.


Blockchain technology Real Estate



Ubiquity is the first blockchain secured platform for real estate record keeping. The platform transparently tracks and records property details.


Blockchain technology in Media



KodakOne protects, distributes, and licenses the works of photographers using the blockchain technology.



Ujomusic offers a transparent and decentralized database of rights, automating the royalty payments using blockchain technology.


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